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Motivational Speaking

Glenn accredits a lot of his success in the ring down to Clinical Hypnotherapy, which he used and underwent throughout his professional career and why now, since hanging up his gloves, he has subsequently studied, trained and qualified as a clinical Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist DHP,HPD,MNCH,AFSFH Lic.

Glenn also treats clients by helping them overcoming many psychological inhibiting conditions. He is a strong contingent within the renowned Clifton Hypnotherapy Practice where he lectures Nationwide to students, detailing to them the psychological benefits of using Clinical Hypnotherapy from his 15 year professional career.

He has been an integral part of a Government backed programme (Suited, Booted & Recruited) as a training consultant, which is a two week programme providing adult students with additional skills in obtaining further and subsequent employment. Glenn’s syllabus and involvement within the programme has included delivering Team Building, Confidence and Relaxation modules throughout the South West of England.

As a motivational speaker, Glenn’s enthralling story from raw amateur to WBC World Champion details how throughout his career, he was able to eliminate negativity, overcome obstacles and establish confidence, which he details is paramount to be successful in all walks of life.

As part of a Wiltshire Police leadership initiative I was recently given the opportunity to attend a presentation by ex-super middleweight world boxing champion Glenn Catley of 'Every Cloud'.

Like Many senior managers I have been exposed to a wealth of management speakers over the years but I found Glenn refreshing and different, focusing upon the human aspects of leadership as opposed to a theoretical or model-based approach.

Utilising his boxing journey Glenn exposes the impacts that stress, anxiety and personal-responsibility can have on a seemingly unshakeable vision, and uses his own experiences to demonstrate how a positive mindset, teamwork and resilience, can help to overcome these barriers.

I personally found that I could easily relate our current economic and performance challenges to elements of Glenn's story, and I found his presentation enjoyable and thought-provoking. I certainly returned to work with new enthusiasm, inspiration and most importantly, a healthy sense of perspective."

Mark Sellers, Superintendent Operations, Wiltshire Police.